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Gavin Allwright

There is no more pressing issue in shipping than maritime decarbonization and the drive towards zero-emissions. This book is a very timely look at what this means across the industry. It includes methods and approaches on scaling, thought-provoking analysis and case studies that help to breathe life into the pathways we are currently debating. In my daily work dealing with wind propulsion uptake in shipping we see huge potential to accelerate and strengthen decarbonization efforts, but there is the ever-present danger of becoming siloed in your thinking. This book is an important insight into the workings of the other silos, but even more importantly takes the reader out of theirs, and helps link these together. The authors include many of the thought leaders in the field of decarbonization, which makes it a must-read, based on that alone, but it is also a book that speaks to the possible, to the delivery of ambitious targets and that take-away makes it all the more current and all the more readable.